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Sponsorship Changes Incoming

Dear Sponsor,

As Central WI Weather continues to grow, a few changes to how sponsorships work on the page have become necessary. These changes will impact you as a sponsor, so I want to make sure that you are the first to know. Each of these changes are broken down and explained in the following paragraphs.

The first, and most significant, change is regarding the cost of your sponsorship. Since January of 2018, the cost has been $15 per month. Beginning with your next sponsorship renewal, sponsorships will now be $20 per month. I want you to know that the decision to increase the price was not taken lightly and only became necessary due to increasing costs for the page.


The second change is related to how sponsored posts will be made on the Facebook page going forward. Beginning this month, there will no longer be daily forecasts, event forecasts, bus stop forecasts, or summer weekend forecasts directly tied to certain sponsors. Sponsored posts will now be made in the same format for all sponsors. This change has been made for simplicity of sponsored posts and fairness between all sponsors. An example of this new format can be found below:

Additionally, I want to restate the agreement for the sponsorship between your business and Central WI Weather since the pricing and exact posting methods have changed... For each month you sponsor Central WI Weather you will receive three sponsored posts on the Facebook Page per month. In the event of extensive extreme and/or hazardous weather, Central WI Weather reserves the right to limit all sponsors to only two sponsored posts for that given month. 

Your sponsorship has meant and continues to mean so much to me. You are the reason I can keep this page running, and I am so grateful for that. If you have any questions or concerns with these changes, please do not hesitate to let me know. 

Thanks for your continued support,

Nicholas K.